fresh water crayfish (kura)

Predicting future freshwater fish outcomes

It is widely accepted that the decline of our freshwater fish population is due to a combination of habitat changes including the loss of fish passage, spawning sites, wetlands, and connection to floodplains, deterioration of water bodies and lack of places for native fish to hide from predators.

While we understand current pressures faced by native freshwater fish, there are still questions about what future pressures they will face. 

Therefore, our team plan to predict future outcomes for our native freshwater fish based on a range of scenarios:
Identify how freshwater fish habitat will change under different climate change scenarios
Predict how trout and native species of galaxiids will interact under a range river conditions, including conditions brought about by climate change.
Understand how kōaro and introduced smelt will interact if their shared predator, introduced trout, is managed differently. 
Learn whether kōura that have been accustomed to hiding from tuna are able to better respond and survive in systems with introduced catfish.